Our uniform package for the 2021/22 season can now be ordered online at the Seattle Celtic uniform portal. The tracksuit and backpack can be ordered on our Jako team store.

2021 Required Uniform

Boys Uniform Package (4 Jerseys, 3 Shorts, 2 Socks) - $190.00

Girls Uniform Package (4 Jerseys, 2 Shorts, 2 Socks) - $175.00

Backpack (Jako) - $22 

Tracksuit (Jako)  $63.00 (Kids)  $67.00 (Adult)  

We have included an image gallery from the Protime website as a reference point below. Socks come in three sizes: Small (Shoe Size 12-4), Medium (4.5-8.5) and Large (9-12).

Jako Tracksuit and Backpack

Jako tracksuit and bag can be purchased at the Seattle Celtic Jako Team Store

We recommend the Polyester Tracksuit. Latest kids size costs $63 and adult size costs $68 (including s/h - based on conversion rate 5/25/21).

There are two bag options in the store (backpack and sports bag). Players can choose whichever option they prefer and anyone with the backpack from previous seasons does not need to purchase a new bag.

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 3.08.56 PM.png