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Tryouts: Welcome


2023/24 SEASON

Tryout Schedule

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Both current and prospective new players who would like to be considered for a spot with Seattle Celtic for the 2023/24 season should register for tryouts at the link above by clicking on the 'sign-up for tryouts' button on our club portal

Our top teams from 2011 to 2005 age groups will compete in the Elite Academy League (Boys) and the DPL League (Girls) and for the 2023/24 season as well as various showcases throughout the country. All other Celtic teams will compete in the WPL .


Spring 2023 Season Players born from 2016 to 2009

If you are interested in playing with Seattle Celtic beginning March 2023, please email us at with your child's date of birth and experience level and we will organize an opportunity for them to come along to a practice so we can find the right team for their development.

2023/24 Season - All Players 2017 - 2005

Tryouts for the 2023/24 season for all teams (with the exception of HS Boys which take place in February) will take place in late April/early May 2023. There may still be openings at these age groups for the Winter/Spring season - contact us at to organize an opportunity to come along and practice with a team.

Additional Info and FAQ

How do tryouts work? What can I expect? 

We ask players to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. As players arrive we encourage them to get into passing/rondo groups or to shoot on any one of the goals we have set up. Coaches are always on the look-out for prospective new players to welcome them, help them feel at home and introduce them to other players.  Based on our experience as both players and coaches, we know that a player who feels comfortable in their environment and plays with a smile on their face will have a much better chance of performing to their potential and this is something all our coaches are conscious of in their interactions with players.  Typically five minutes prior to the start the coaches will lead the group in short fun warm-up, before checking players in and sending them to their starting field where they'll go straight into small sided scrimmages. Coaches will take notes and move players to different fields in order to determine their level of play and what team we feel will be the best fit for their continued development as players. Coaches often incorporate some 1v1 and 2v2 exercises as well some shooting and finishing in the middle of the tryout before finishing with small sided scrimmages . At the conclusion of tryouts, players will be brought into the middle of the field where the tryout director will give a quick recap on the day, and explain the next steps with regards to team placement and notification.

What should I bring?

It's essential that you're wearing soccer cleats and shin guards. We recommend players bring water and sunscreen (weather dependent). 


What will coaches be looking for in a player?

Coaches will be focused on the technical ability of players (first touch and control of the ball), their ability in 1v1 situations (both defending and attacking), their decision making and vision on the field, as well as their sportsmanship and attitude which we hold in very high regard.

When will I hear about my placement?

As we let the players know at the conclusion of tryouts, we strive to inform everyone of their team placement between 48-72 hours after the tryout. This is typically done via a telephone call and ideally players (or parents on their behalf) will confirm their acceptance of their spot on this call, as this speeds up the process of finalizing roster placements for all teams across an age group and notifying other players.

Can parents attend tryouts?

As with any regular team session, parents are allowed to attend the tryouts. We do ask that parents not enter the field during the tryouts and stay on or behind the path or fence to ensure we can maximize the playing area for the players.


What happens after I get my team placement?

We will reach out with the team roster and a registration link which we will look for players to complete within a set period of time. This will guarantee your spot on the team and allow us to move forward with plans for the season.

Does every player who tries out get invited to play on a team?

We try to have a spot in our club for every player who wishes to join but based on numbers or our determination on what the best fit is for each player and team, not all players will be offered a spot on a league playing team. From U11-U14 we have a practice team program which runs for 10 weeks in both Fall and Spring and includes two practices per week as well as four in-house friendly scrimmages each season.  Players in this program focus on the fundamentals of the game (dribbling, passing and shooting) and with the view to being ready to compete on league playing teams the following season. There are also sometimes instances when a spot opens up on a league playing team over the course of the season and when this occurs the top performing players on our practice teams  receive an invite to the team.


At the younger age groups (U7-U10)  many of our teams take part in our Pre-Dev Program, which is similar to the practice team program. With all league teams at this age playing 7v7, we feel that many players this age develop better in a 4v4 setting where we can facilitate an environment that maximizes the amount of touches they are getting as well as the fun they are having so we typically have all our U7 and U8 teams, and a few of our U9 and U10 teams do the Pre-Dev program.

What are the different playing levels at Seattle Celtic?

Green and White are our highest level teams, followed by Orange, Black, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Navy, Red. Green and White level teams are considered our Elite teams and these teams practice year-round. Our other teams are part of our premier program  and take breaks over the summer and winter. All teams play in 2-3 summer tournaments with premier teams who aren't practicing throughout the summer having pre-tournament practices to help prep them for competing. All U7 - U15 teams have a team camp in the summer. We also offer five week post-season programs following the spring and summer seasons that premier players can opt in for.

How often do players tryout for teams?

U10 - U19 tryouts (2013 - 2004) will take place once a year. These tryouts which will take place in early May for the 2022/23 season will be for the Summer/Fall and Spring seasons. In previous years we have had two tryouts (in April/May for the Summer/Fall season and in January for the Spring season) but for the 2022/23 season and beyond we have decided to forego the January tryout which ensures greater continuity over the course of the year. If we feel that certain players could benefit developmentally from moving to/guesting with a different team during the year this is something we can make happen, but for the most part teams will stay together until tryouts the following year.

U7 - U9 (2016, 2015, 2014) teams will continue to tryout in both April/May (for the Summer/Fall season) and late November (for the Spring season). 

Can tryouts days be cancelled or rescheduled?

Yes, this very rarely happens but if poor weather or illness forces us to reschedule we will. Players will be notified and we will find another day to host tryouts.


Can I still play if I miss tryouts?

If you are unable to attend the tryout for your age group, please email us at The first option we will suggest is to try out with the next closest age group (with a view to still playing at your actual age group for the upcoming season). If none of the other tryout dates work, we will have a make-up tryout, the date of which will be posted on the schedule page in late April. 

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