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Summer tournament season is definitely our favorite time of the year for the club. Our most frequented tournament destination for the majority of our teams over the years has always been Starfire and this will continue this year. What we love most about Starfire is how close is it in comparison to our other options ( a few years ago we entered a number of our teams in a PSPL tournament in Burlington - Friday evening traffic made it a two hour journey!). With twelve immaculate fields and enough amenities on location allowing people to hang around the complex for the day, it always means teams just finished with their games are more likely to stay and support other Seattle Celtic teams. We think this is so important in helping to foster the community spirit so integral to our club. Given the fact that Starfire is the training base for Sounders FC, our players also often get a chance to watch them practice and meet them afterwards for a snap. All in all, a great facility that we are very lucky to have!

Our aim in playing in tournaments is to help the coach and players prepare tactically and get sharp for the Fall season ahead. We plan to have each team play three summer tournaments.


We have added the prospective tournament schedule to Team Snap. If everyone could RSVP as best they can it will give us a good idea if we need to select an alternative tournament due to insufficient numbers. We will assess RSVPs for all teams in early April and send individual follow-ups to each team on the latest status and plan. 


One challenge we've faced over the years is ensuring teams are at full strength for tournaments. In the past we have ended up merging teams to ensure there are enough players to complete a roster. While this means the players get extra minutes on the field under their belt (always a good thing), it doesn't really give the actual team a chance to gel. Therefore, if everyone can do their best to be in attendance for the tournaments/jamoborees listed that would be much appreciated. 

New to Tournaments?

New players to the club sometimes are unaware of what a summer tournament or jamboree entails so we have included the key details below. Basically they are weekend long soccer competitions with an initial group stage and then knockout rounds and a final.




- Typically held at one field complex over the course of a weekend.


- Schedule usually involves 3-4 group stage games and then, should your team advance, knockout games and a final. The typical schedule would be a Friday evening game then two group games on Saturday with finals on Sunday. Alternatively, a team could have two group games on Saturday and one early on Sunday with finals on Sunday afternoon. The tournament schedule is usually published around 10 days in advance of the first game.


- Cost is quite variable for different tournaments but expect a minimum cost of $70 per player and max of about $110 per player (for highest level tournaments) to cover entry fee and coaching costs.


- There are medals and trophies for the finalists and tournament pins for all players. 


- The tournaments are a good opportunity to get fun, competitive games in before the season and a good bonding experience for the team as well as an opportunity to see other Celtic teams in action!



- These are normally aimed towards the younger age groups (U7, U8, U9) and would take place over the course of one day of the weekend or both Saturday and Sunday, again at one field complex.


- The focus is very much on having fun so there isn't much attention paid to standings, winning and trophies etc. so they provide a low pressure arena for younger kids to get plenty of touches on the ball in a fun environment.

-Cost is typically between $70-$80 per player to cover entry fee and coaching costs.

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