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Seattle Celtic is excited to team up with Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine (SPSM) to enhance athlete training and help prevent injuries by implementing a new warm up program. Members of SPSM hosted a training for our coaches on their innovative injury prevention warm-up as a follow up to a lecture led by Dr Steve Anderson who is co-founder of the SPSM.


The SPSM 15 Minute Injury Prevention Warm-Up Routine is based on over four decades of research on sports injuries, and encompasses dynamic mobility, strength, motor control and agility training. We've included it in it's entirety below (click the image to download the full warm-up and explanation).


With the help of SPSM Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers who have been volunteering their time, the program has been rolled out to appropriate age groups and so far has proven very popular and successful in helping with injury prevention.

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