Return To Play Information

September 16 Update

The PSPL are working on a tentative schedule which should be published by next week so that, if the Governor announces a relaxation of the restrictions on youth sports, we can organize games as quickly as possible. First weekend of games is slated for October 10-11. Game scheduling is a tough process at the best of times and any announcement that would allow games to be played will precipitate a rush to get things scheduled so just a heads up that things could be a little chaotic in those early weeks were that to happen. 


Games, unsurprisingly, will not quite be the same as before with new restrictions and guidelines needing to be followed. The graphic below details some of the early proposals set out by the league. It's not an exhaustive list and there will likely be other additions, for example, no corner-kicks has been discussed.

June 21 Update

We have been given the all clear to return to small group practices as of July 1 and are in the process of emailing teams with further information regarding the plan for the summer.


June 15 Update

Click here for the email from Seattle Parks and Rec which lists July 1 as first date we are permitted to hold organized practices. We will be emailing everyone this week with further information.

May 18 Update

At this time there is a lot of speculation surrounding when we will be able to get back out on the soccer field and we have received some questions about what steps we are taking as a club to ensure the safety of our players, staff and families once we are given the green light to return to play. We don't have a definitive answer on when that will be, and we are waiting on more guidance from the state in that regard, but the likelihood is that soccer practice will look a lot different than normal once we do return to the pitch, particularly in terms of safety precautions everyone has to follow before, during and after each session. As such, we are working to educate staff on their roles and responsibilities in what will be a new practice environment.


Small group practices with less than 5 people will most likely be mandatory in phase 2. We hope to return to play with these small group sessions in early June. We are working on the logistics of those right now and will send a further update once the practice schedule becomes clear but for now we want to keep you, the community, informed of the health and safety guidelines we will be following once we are back out on the field so that you can prepare yourself and your kids for what will be quite a different soccer experience at least in the initial stages. The guidelines have been formulated by our national governing body, US Club Soccer, in conjunction with the CDC and other national public health organizations. At this point these are over-arching recommendations. Once we get a more definitive date on a return to play we will provide more specific guidelines that relate directly to our club. The recommendations below are not an exhaustive list but are what we are working off right now.


Seattle Celtic Return To Play Safety Plan


Restrictions on Small Group Practices:

  • Participants must exercise social distancing of a minimum of 10 feet between others at all times. There should be ample space on a soccer field to do this so we will aim to enforce 10 feet as an extra precaution.

  • Zero-tolerance non-contact policy between all participants including the coach unless in emergency situations. 

  • Players with fever or other symptoms are not permitted to attend practice and will be sent home if they exhibit symptoms.

  • Players living with "vulnerable individuals" (i.e. elderly or suffering serious underlying condition) are encouraged not to attend practice.

  • Players & coaches must use hand sanitizer before, during breaks and after practice.

  • Players must wear masks at the field complex before the practice has started and immediately after the practice is over.

  • Players, parents and coaches must not congregate in shared spaces on the field, around fields or in parking lots.

  • Carpooling is strongly discouraged.


Club/Organizational Responsibilities:

  • Coaches will be provided with PPE including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer for personal use and disinfectant spray for equipment.

  • Monitor compliance with new precautions.

  • Communication with staff and families to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Action plan in place if there is a positive test within a group. A particular team or the participants present in the same area as an individual who tests positive would be required to quarantine for minimum of 2 weeks.


Coach Requirements:

  • Provide clearly marked training areas for individuals/small groups as well as clearly marked equipment areas for player's personal gear, adequately spaced out. 

  • Strictly enforce these training sections as well as zero tolerance no touching policy and minimum distances.

  • Wear mask at all times.

  • Disinfect all equipment before and after use.

  • Do not allow sharing of equipment.

  • Encourage players to bring their own soccer ball.

  • Clear field of all items used during practice and leave park promptly after the conclusion of your practices.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Educate your kids on the guidelines and impress upon them the importance of following these guidelines.

  • Make sure players have hand sanitizer at practice.

  • If you are worried your child may have been exposed to the virus you should contact us and not have them attend practices.

  • Have players bring their own soccer ball to practice.

  • Players who are from the same household/family should maintain 10 feet of distance during their sessions to help to establish and maintain the new standards.

  • Non-players (parents, care-givers, non-playing siblings) are encouraged to wear a mask around the fields.

  • Leave park promptly after the conclusion of your child’s practices.

Small Group Training Sessions Will Focus On:

  • Individual Ball Mastery

  • Shooting/Crossing/Finishing

  • Passing and Receiving

  • Fitness and Functional Training


Lastly, we would like to reiterate that these measures are not a definitive list and we will continually review them to make sure we have up to date information communicated to everyone. We will also be updating the Return to Play Information page on our website as things progress if people need more. Again we want to stress the importance of parents not bringing their child to practice if they show any symptoms.


We have witnessed some incredible determination, perseverance and generosity from our community over the last couple of months and it inspires us to provide as safe an environment as possible for our players so they can get back to enjoying soccer this summer.

Protocol For A Positive COVID-19 Test

Seattle Celtic and its families will follow the following procedures in the event of a positive test for COVID-19:

1.      Any player, parent or coach, or any of their household members that has a confirmed positive test for COVID-19 within 14 days or less of beginning participation in a Seattle Celtic event must notify Celtic ( in writing of the positive test.

2.      Any player, parent, coach, or any household members involved in a Celtic event and then receives a positive test for COVID-19 must notify Celtic in writing of the positive test.

3.      After receiving notice of a confirmed positive test for COVID-19 involving a player, coach, parent or any of their family members, Celtic will presume there has been a potential exposure to COVID-19.

4.      The person learning of the confirmed positive test for COVID-19 must immediately contact Oisín Martin, Celtic Director of Operations. 

5.      All players and parents in the class of the person who has tested positive will be notified via email address and Celtic will make every effort to contact such persons by phone as well.

6.      All players and coaches in the class of the player/coach who has tested positive may not participate in any Celtic activities for a period of no less than 14 days.

7.      All potentially exposed players and coaches should self-quarantine for 14 days in accordance with guidance from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and the Washington state Department of Health.

8.      If players, coaches or household members develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they should immediately consult a physician and seek COVID-19 testing.  For additional guidance on symptoms, review published information at the Washington Department of Health’s website:

9.      Celtic will provide the person who has tested positive for COVID-19 with contact information for the Department of Health (206) 477-3977 as well as access to the Department of Health’s published guidelines entitled, “What to do if you are potentially exposed to someone with confirmed Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)” (

10.   Affected players, coaches and parents may be contacted by the Department of Health.  Cooperation is strongly recommended as the information sought by the Department of Health will assist in contact-tracing, meaning an effort to learn the origin of the infection trail and notify others who may be affected.

11.   Celtic will comply with all instructions and guidance provided by the Washington Department of Health.

12.   If a member of a player's family receives a positive test for COVID-19 then the player should not attend practice for two weeks, accompanied with the results of a negative test.

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