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Freshman Year 


  • Establish a strong GPA 

  • Continue playing club soccer and train at the highest level possible 

  • Begin the college exploration process by starting to think about college preferences 

  • Create an email address that is used exclusively for soccer only 

  • Watch men’s or women’s college soccer games 

  • Prepare individual player profile for tournament and showcases (Scouting Zone) 

  • Focus on improving elements of your game 

  • Get fit or stay fit (looking after your body) 

  • Attend any Seattle Celtic college information nights/zoom calls 


Sophomore Year 


  • Continue to maintain a strong GPA 

  • Prepare for entrance exams (ACT/SAT) 

  • Continue the college exploration process by researching and visiting colleges that are of interest 

  • Update player profile/resume

  • Send letter of introduction and player profile to colleges of interest before showcases and tournaments that Seattle Celtic may attend 

  • Organize a system of tracking communication with individual college coaches 

  • Create a list of schools that meet your preference 

  • Attend college ID camps at schools on your list of interest 

  • Continue to attend any Seattle Celtic college information nights/zoom calls

  • Review NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center requirements 

  • Complete any recruiting questionnaires on individual college soccer websites 


Junior Year 


  • Register for NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center 

  • Continue to send letters of interest and updated player profile prior to each tournament/showcase

  • Including game schedule, jersey number and year of graduation in every email 

  • Start to narrow down list of school and start to prioritize. Being very realistic in the process 

  • Engage in regular communication with coaches 

  • Continue attending ID Camps throughout the year 

  • Continue to watch college soccer at all levels

  • Make unofficial visits to schools of interest and start to meet with coaches 

  • Schedule and complete official visits 

  • Take ACT/SAT 

  • Obtain financial aid forms from school counselor (FASFA forms) 

  • Continue to attend any Seattle Celtic college information nights/zoom calls


Senior Year 


  • Check your status on the NCAA Eligibility Center 

  • Complete FASFA forms with updated tax information 

  • Schedule and complete official visits 

  • Complete college applications 

  • Keep coaches updated on team events you may be attending as well as any individual achievements. Keep them updated! 

  • Continue to take advantage of all the resources Seattle Celtic has to offer – High level of soccer as well as the great coaches you can use for guidance and advice. 

  • Continue to stay fit as well as looking after your body. Be prepared to step into a full-time soccer environment where there are expectations when it comes to fitness.

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