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2023 Spring Season Club Update #1

Hi Folks,

Touching base with the first of our spring season updates with info on the following topics:

  • Practice/Game Schedule

  • Summer Tournaments

  • 2023 Spring/Summer Camps

  • Summer Team Camps

  • Spring Micro Academy

  • Goalkeeper Program

  • GO PT

Practice/Game Schedule

We are aware that everyone wants to get their calendar organized and have been working hard on the practice/game schedules. Apologies for the delay! The first week is always quite tough to organize but things should become smoother going forward. Here are some status reports for the different age-groups:

Practices - 2016-2004 teams - The weeks of Jan 30 - Feb 3 and Feb 6-10 are posted, with times and locations, for all teams. Please refresh TeamSnap in case there have been any recent changes. Practice dates have been posted for each team through to the end of the season.

We aim to have the rest of February's times and locations posted by the end of the coming week and will aim to be a few weeks ahead of posting practice schedules throughout the season. There are always exceptions but we are confident we can do this for 99% of the club.

Games - 2012-2004 teams - The game dates are posted on TeamSnap for 2012 - 2004 teams and the Feb 4/5 weekend games that we are responsible for scheduling (our own home games) have times/locations updated.

We aim to have the rest of our February home games posted by Feb 10th with March & April home games to follow a couple of weeks after that. Again, there will be exceptions but we believe we can get 95% of our home games posted for 2012-2004 teams by the end of February.

Games - 2016-2013 teams - Games for these teams will begin the weekend of Feb 25/26 and we anticipate getting the schedule in full from the league sometime this week at which point it will be posted on TeamSnap.

Please RSVP for each event as best you can once those are updated, as this makes the coach's job a lot easier!

Summer Tournaments The prospective summer tournament dates for each team will be posted on TeamSnap by Monday if they are not on there already. Please note that many summer events have not yet announced their dates for 2023 but those should come within the next few weeks and what is posted on TeamSnap is either the confirmed date or, very likely to be the date as the tournament is held that particular weekend each summer. We just wanted to give people as early an indication as possible of what the summer soccer events might look like. For any travel tournaments out of state we would like teams to RSVP for those right away. Deadlines are not upon us yet but for the sake of everyone's summer planning we want to lock those travel events in sooner rather than later. We will be touching base with teams this week with more information on these. For local tournaments we hope getting these events on the schedule early means they can be prioritized when it comes to summer planning.

G12 Green celebrate Grace's last minute equalizer in the final of the Pac Winter Classic at Starfire!

2023 Spring and Summer Camps Our spring and summer camp schedule, open to all players both Celtic and non-Celtic aged 6-15, can be found here.

We've got a great variety of camps focussing on ball mastery, goalscoring and goalkeeping, micro academy and elite player camps as well as some full day summer camp options!

First up is our mid winter break Technical Skills camp that will take place at Magnuson #5 from February 20-24 - our most recent camps have filled to capacity so we'd encourage anyone who is interested in getting some extra soccer in over this break to sign up now!

Some snaps from our November 11 Goalscoring Camp at Magnuson

Summer Team Camps We offer a 4 day (3 hours a day) camp for each team during one week of the summer to give them an opportunity to gel ahead of the fall season as well as perhaps getting to know a new team or players at the wider age-group. They can also be invaluable for coaches getting teams ready for an upcoming tournament. While not mandatory, the team camps are a great way to get plenty of soccer in a condensed period of time and players can be signed up for those here. The team camps are also posted on TeamSnap but please note that they do require a sign-up via our website. Spring Micro Academy

This week sees the big kick-off of our Friday Micro Academy program for players aged 4-6. All players new to the club are welcome to attend free of charge.

For more info on the program itself, including the full schedule and registration process visit our Micro Academy page .

Coach Tyler with some of our Wednesday Micro Academy players!

Spring Goalkeeper Program

Our spring goalkeeper program will kick off the week of February 6. The program will be free of charge for all goalkeepers born in 2012 and later.

Full schedule will be posted on our Goalkeeping page on January 31 - if you have not previously taken part in our goalkeeper program but would like to, please email us at

GO PT Sponsorship Program

Our physical therapy partner, GO PT, will be doing another round of the Sports Sponsorship promotion, which entails Two Free 60-Minute Sports PT Sessions for Celtic players. Click HERE to find out all the ways PT can help your Athlete! In order to apply for our sports sponsorship program, please use this link. Spots will be limited per week so sign up as soon as you can. GO PT is a local family owned physical therapy practice with clinic locations in Fremont and South Lake Union. If you have any other questions regarding the sports sponsorship program or our clinic’s services in general, please feel free to email We look forward to working with you.

We'd also encourage everyone to check out their blog post about the importance of stretching for young athletes.

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