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May 2020 Club Update

Return to Play

Initially our hope was to finish out the Spring season in June. However, due to the restrictions being imposed due to social distancing protocol, we will likely not have enough field space for every team to have two or three practices each week so a more likely scenario is that each team will have one practice per week on the field, and one virtual practice via Zoom. We have been emailing Seattle Parks and Rec on a weekly basis over the break to request any available fields in the summer but as of yet they have been unable to accept new reservations from any group. Should we get more space we would aim to add additional practices for teams in June.

In terms of what these practices might look like, we sent a note yesterday regarding our health and safety protocols. Currently it looks like there is a limit of 5 per session. We're awaiting clarification as to whether this is 5 players and a coach or simply 5 people total. Obviously this poses real logistical issues in terms of running a session for rosters which range from 11-18 players based on the age group. As of now the plan would be to run back-to-back 45 minute/1 hour sessions - so for a U12 team with 13 players the schedule might be 5 players at 4:30pm, 4 players at 5:30pm and 4 players at 6:30pm - again we should know more in the next week or so and will let everyone know the plan then.

Quiz Night

We will be hosting a Virtual Quiz Night via Zoom this Thursday at 6:30pm. We will have six rounds on a range of topics from sports logos and music, to entertainment and of course soccer. There will also be a Guess The Coaches round featuring photos of our coaches playing soccer as kids! The quiz is aimed at the whole family and should be a bit of fun!

Details on how to join are posted below.

Topic: Seattle Celtic Virtual Quiz

Time: May 21, 2020 06:30 PM

Join Zoom Quiz

Meeting ID: 881 3674 7026

Password: 720712

North Helpline Juggling Fundraiser

We're delighted to report that we hit our goal of $1,000 raised in our juggling fundraiser in aid of North Helpline. We've included our fourth and final juggling compilation video above! Thank you to everyone who supported this great cause!

Goal of the Decade

We have now reached the Final 4 in our Goal of the Decade competition. We included three videos above. The first are the goals themselves, the second is our twenty minute interview with the four finalists and the third is one of the two retrospectives we made for the semi finals which features interviews with the coaches who witnessed the goals. It's been great to have an opportunity to look back at the goals over the past few weeks and we're already looking forward to doing it all over again in ten years time! We will have an award for the best goal as voted by the public, as well as the best goal as voted for by the coaches. The public vote ends this Sunday May 24 at 6pm so if you have yet to do so, leave a comment on the video on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube on who you think should win!

Message from our Partner GO PT

Our partner GO PT have reached out regarding their sports sponsorship program. Arianne (a former D1 college soccer player) will be familiar to many of our older teams through her visits to sessions where she ran through our new injury prevention warm-up and GO PT have been a regular visitor to Magnuson for injury prevention screenings over the last year. We highly recommend availing of this program and have included a message from them below with all the details.

Hello Celtic players and parents,

We understand that the recent crisis has put a pause on your athletic activities. However, eventually the current restrictions will one day be lifted and your young athletes will be returning to the field soon. GO PT wants to make sure that Seattle Celtic are in the best position to return to soccer safely and to the best of their ability. That is why we are offering Two Free 60-Minute Sports PT Sessions to Celtic players, under our sports sponsorship program. The program can help

  • Improve players’ movement mechanics

  • Heal acute and/or ongoing injuries

  • Patch up strength or mobility deficits

  • Improve overall injury resilience and performance.

Many athletes have also likely gone through a period of de-conditioning through these last several weeks, which reconditioning can have a significant impact on lowering their risk of injury, and our program can assist you with as well.

In order to apply for our sports sponsorship program, please use this link: Currently, we see the increased need to assist in preventing injuries, and are increasing our availability for this program. However, we will only be able to offer this increased availability till July 3rd, so please apply soon, if not today.

GO PT is a local family owned physical therapy practice with clinic locations in Fremont and South Lake Union. We have increased our safety precautions in the wake of the COVID-19 threat, including no more than 3 patients in the clinic at a time, in order to respect social distancing measures. We perform daily temperature and health screenings of our team members and patients. We require that everyone in our clinic wear a mask, and adhere to increased sanitization protocols, along with many other protocols in an effort to minimize exposure to the coronavirus and keep our team, patients, and community safe.

If you have any other questions regarding the sports sponsorship program or our clinic’s services in general, please feel free to email We look forward to working with you.

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