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For people not on social media we thought we'd put together a selection of some of the recent media content we've posted.

North Helpline Juggling Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who has supported our Juggling Fundraiser for North Helpline either in the shape of sending a video in or making a donation. For anyone who is unaware of the campaign we've included a video from our Community Development Director Andre (when he still had quite a lot of hair!) as well as our most recent juggling compilation featuring videos sent to us from our players!

We will be posting our fourth and final player video compilation on Wednesday May 6 so if you have yet to send us a video please do so by Tuesday evening!! We've done our best to include every player who has sent in a video in the three compilations - if you've sent one and not been featured let us know!! Remember, the club will be donating $1 for every video received as well as $5 for every player who sends a video of them beating 18 on the clock challenge.

We are so close to reaching our goal of $1000 so we'd encourage anyone who wants to support the cause to visit our fundraising page here.

Kicking Covid Campaign - KIRO 7 News Report

Here's a cool feature by KIRO 7 from a few days ago on G10 Green player Lucy and her Kicking Covid juggling campaign which has raised over $3000 for The Ventilator Project. Lucy's record is now over 2500 juggles and we are very proud to have her as part of the Celtic community! You can check out her page here.

Goal of the Decade

We are now at the semi final stage of our Seattle Celtic Goal of the Decade competition. The first semi final features Atticus, Ayden, Bridger and Toby and as well as some post-game interviews with the players themselves, we've included a retrospective from the coaches to help set the scene for everyone. Closing date to vote on the first semi final is Tuesday May 5 at 6pm - just leave a comment on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook and we will tally the votes.

Seattle Celtic Training Videos

We have created over 100 training videos for our YouTube channel that we encourage players to check out. Some of our most recent videos are designed to be practiced along with while watching the skills in action. Our latest format is demonstrating three skills, then doing each for 30 seconds, and repeating the set two times. In between each set we have a 30 second break which will feature soccer highlights from around the world that we feel will benefit the player's appreciation and understanding of the game. We've included two examples from Coach Kevin and Coach Eoin.

Seattle Celtic FIFA Quarantine Cup

Coach Ethan organized a FIFA 20 Quarantine Cup for our players and yesterday was final day, with B07 Green players Will and Oscar going head to head in what was an epic battle.

The game was streamed live on with many players and coaches tuning in. The lead changed hands many times but Oscar eventually emerged victorious with a 4-3 win for Liverpool over Will's Man City. While our first choice will always be to have players outside practicing their skills, there are definitely a lot of benefits to playing FIFA which are explored in this article from The Guardian entitled "Will playing Fifa create a new generation of smarter footballers?".

Our plan is to send regular media updates over the coming weeks and months to engage as many players as possible and hopefully spur them into practicing their skills a bit more. While we know things are very busy for people during this time, in an ideal world parents would sit down and watch some of these videos with their kids and discuss what they see.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our social media pages for our daily updates on all things soccer related!

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