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Home Training Videos

Here is a selection of the latest home training videos we have produced for our players. We encourage everyone to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the latest content.

2000 Touch Challenge

We are challenging all our players to complete the Celtic 2000 Touch Challenge (ideally every day!) and send their scores and videos into us! There are 20 skills and each skill should include 100 touches. The challenge opens with juggling different size balls (not necessarily 100 juggles in a row just 100 total) and progresses to ball mastery.

Wall Exercises

Here are some wall exercises players can do to improve their control! Try to spend 20 minutes each day with a wall (or a partner!).

Dribbling Exercises

These dribbling sessions should take roughly 8 minutes to complete. The videos are designed to be played while the player is practicing the skills so they can see which order to do them (as well as the technical breakdown of the skill) and include 10 second breaks in between each skill.

Ball Mastery Exercises

The above ball mastery/technical skill video sessions should take 7-8 minutes to complete and again are designed so that players can practice along with them. Typically there are three skills in each video and players do each set of three skills three times. We have a 30 second break in each video which contains skills from world class players in professional games (Tobin Heath, Guti, Iniesta).

Strength and Conditioning Sessions

We have produced five strength and conditioning sessions. We encourage players to complete the exercises from a different video every day, ideally totaling 4-5 workouts each week.

Speed Agility Quickness Exercises

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