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Pre-Season Winter Training

Practice Days By Age Group

Technical Training


B16 (U7)          Monday/Wednesday - Early Slot

B15 (U8)          Tuesday/Thursday - Early Slot

B14 (U9)          Tuesday/Thursday - Early Slot

B13 (U10)        Tuesday/Thursday - Early Slot

B12 (U11)        Tuesday/Thursdays- Late Slot

B11 (U12)        Tuesday/Thursdays - Late Slot

B10 (U13)        Tuesday/Thursdays - Late Slot

B09 (U14)        Tuesday/Thursdays - Late Slot


G16 (U7)          Monday/Wednesday  - Early Slot

G15 (U8)          Monday/Wednesday  - Early Slot

G14 (U9)          Monday/Wednesday - Early Slot

G13 (U10)        Monday/Wednesday - Early Slot

G12 (U11)        Monday/Wednesday - Late Slot

G11 (U12)        Monday/Wednesday - Late Slot

G10 (U13)        Monday/Wednesday - Late Slot

G09 (U14)        Monday/Wednesday - Late Slot

Friday Goalscoring Sessions

Early Slot: 2013 - 2016 Players

Late Slot: 2009 - 2012 Players


Pre Season.png

Program Details


Pre-season training is an optional program for players whose teams are not training during the winter and will consist of two technical sessions each week per age group (Monday to Thursday) as well as a session that focusses on goalscoring on Friday.

Regular Training Program

Spring 2023 team practices resume the week of January 23 for all U11 - U14 teams (2012 - 2009) and the week of January 30 for all U8 - U10 teams (2016 - 2013). Pre-season will therefore run for three weeks (6 sessions) for the U11-U14 age groups and for four weeks (8 sessions) for U8-U10 age groups, leading up to the start of these seasons.


For the regular technical training program, girls will practice on Monday/Wednesday and boys will practice on Tuesday/Thursday (although B2016s will follow the Mon/Wed schedule). The program will be run like regular practices with a mix of ball mastery, SAQ (speed, agility and quickness), rondos, 1v1s/2v2s/3v3s, passing and receiving, possession, shooting / finishing and scrimmages. 

Goalscoring Program

We will also have Friday sessions for boys and girls focussed solely on goalscoring. These sessions will focus on some of the following: technique for striking a ball, generating power, striking from distance, volleys, half-volleys, side-volleys, finishing from crosses, shooting on the turn, chipping, lobbing, inside and outside of the foot finishing, toe pokes, 1 v 1s and improving decision making in the box (power versus placement).

Players can register via Paypal at the link below. Please check schedule above for which slots each age group will be practicing. Registration will close in late December at which point we will send the group rosters for the program.  Capacity is limited.

Register via PayPal

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