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Celtic Óg Micro Academy (Ages 4-6)

Celtic Óg (Young Celtic in Irish) refers to our Seattle Celtic Micro Academy which caters to players aged 4-6.


The aim of the Micro Academy is to provide professional coaching to beginner players in the hope of sparking a life-long love for the game of soccer.  Throughout the year, we offer six week programs which serve as an introduction to Seattle Celtic for young players who wish to eventually join our Development Teams. Boys and girls of all abilities are invited to attend these sessions.

Each Micro Academy Program will have a fun weekly theme to help keep the children motivated and excited to play. These fun games will help introduce soccer fundamentals such as ball control, passing, dribbling and teamwork. 


If you have any questions about our Celtic Óg (pronounced like the 'Og' in the word 'Ogre') or suggestions on how to spread the word, please contact us at

Spring 2023 Academy Dates and Times


  • 3:35pm - 4:15pm

Dates - Wednesdays

Jan 18 (Magnuson #5)

Jan 25 (Magnuson #5)

Feb 1 (Magnuson #7)

Feb 8 (Magnuson #7)

Feb 15 (Magnuson #7)

Feb 22 (Magnuson #7)


  • 3:35pm - 4:15pm

Dates - Fridays

Feb 3  (Magnuson #7)

Feb 10 (Magnuson #5)

Feb 24 (Magnuson #5)

March 3 (Magnuson #5)

March 10 (Magnuson #5)

March 17 (Magnuson #5)

Program Cost : $75 (includes Seattle Celtic Training Shirt)

New Players

All new players are invited to attend their first six week program free of charge. Just email us at with the following info: 


  • Child's Name, 

  • Date Of Birth  

  • Contact Telephone Number

  • Program They Would Like To Attend


We will be in touch soon after to confirm your child's place on the program.

Returning Players


If you have attended a Celtic Óg program in the past you can register on Paypal below. Please remember to include your child's name and date of birth. 

Register Here

To register multiple players, enter their details above and select the correct quantity at checkout.


Our son has done the Micro Academy twice now and he loves it. He is always so excited to attend and we have seen his skills improve. He receives great direction and has a lot of fun. We feel confident that he is getting the teaching he needs to continue on to the next step of his soccer journey. The overall Seattle Celtic Program is organized, professional and positive.


Tina Sorensen

Seattle Celtic’s Micro Academy was exactly what we had hoped we would find for our new-to-soccer 5-year old.  It was easy to register, welcoming, and had a great mix of footwork, ball-handling, and field play for new soccer players.  All of the coaches have a love for soccer and kids and it shows!  We can’t wait for the Spring sessions to start! Please keep us posted on the Spring calendar, Jimmy.

Onie Kahn

Our daughter liked watching soccer but wasn't too sure about playing.  The Micro Academy was perfect to spark her interest and see if it was something she wanted to pursue.  She is now excited to practice even on off days! Not only that but she can name individual practice skills and has shown improvement in just these short 5 weeks.

Christine Malone

Our kids love Celtic Micro Academy and we have participated in several sessions for both our son Hunter and daughter Rosie over the years. The coaches teach fundamental skills while making the experience fun for this age group. We’ve even recruited a friend who comes to Magnuson all the way from West Seattle because her son loves it so much. 


Thank you!

Susie Wells

My 5 year old loved the Celtic Micro Academy. The coaches did a great job of advancing the kids soccer skills while also keeping it fun and engaging. I only wish there were more sessions because my kid keeps asking for more. He's so excited to become a part of the Celtic Club! 

Alex Prindle

Celtic Og has been a fun ride for Ike and I. I have been impressed with Coach Phil as he managed to have my 4-year-old's attention and enthusiasm from the beginning to the end of every session. Coach Phil really knows how to motivate little ones in a fun but structured way, and teach them new skills in the process!


Carla van der Ven 

Celtic Óg was such a great experience for my son, Sammy. Coach Phil has a great presence and chemistry with the kids - he knows how to engage with them so they are able build upon the skills they already have while having a full and fun soccer experience. I'm thrilled to see the love of the sport a priority here. Can't wait for the next session!


Stephanie Volckmann 

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