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Men's and Women's Teams


We’re delighted to have joined the Cascadia Premier League for the 2023 season, with league games kicking off in May!

Our plan is to have our teams made up of a mix of current players, former players back from college for the summer, our coaches and anyone else who wants to play at a high level this summer!


We will be hosting open tryouts in February as we look to solidify our roster for what promises to be a fantastic season!

More info to follow early in 2023!


What is the Cascadia Premier League ?

The Cascadia Premier League is a men’s and women’s adult amateur soccer league based in Washington and Oregon with an instituted promotion and relegation system. Cascadia was built on the foundation of the Western Washington Premier League which debuted in 2018. From the 2023 season onwards, the league will merge with the Evergreen Premier League which will make for a more unified and thus more competitive soccer landscape.


Our mission is to provide the Pacific Northwest’s vast region with a place for players and clubs alike to achieve their goals of moving onto the next level. With our variety of divisions, we want teams to place themselves through merit (via promotion and relegation). 

Cascadia affirms the following as their core values:

- Equal and equitable playing opportunities for all

- Positivity displayed towards all clubs, players, administrators, referees, and fans within or outside of Cascadia

- A deep desire to promote this game and the joy it brings

- Club first mentality: the growth of the sport is rooted in clubs successfully developing their brand, players, community engagement, and fan base.

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