Goalkeeper Training

Spring 2022 Schedule

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Our goalkeeper program will run for 10 weeks starting the week of January 31 and ending on April 10. There will be 10 one hour sessions in total. All sessions will take place on Magnuson #5.

Goalie Coaches

Wednesday: Greta, Shane and Ryan

Thursdays and Fridays: Olivia/Cam

Sundays: Cam and Ryan

If the listed time for an age group clashes with a player's regular team practice, we may be able to move them to a different age group's slot.  If this doesn't work, the next option would be to practice on Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm. This slot is intended as a make-up day for goalkeepers who have a game clash at the weekend and miss their goalie session as a result but can also accommodate those with midweek clashes.

Please email conor@seattleceltic.com if you need to move to an alternative slot due to any of the aforementioned clashes and he will confirm your spot.

The Seattle Celtic goalkeeper program will focus on the four key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical) and how they relate to the goalkeeper position. 


From a psychological standpoint, developing good self-confidence and an ability to handle pressure will be some of the areas focussed on. The Physical component of the training will look at the importance the warm-up and cool-down, as well as improving flexibility and co-ordination. 


From a technical and tactical point of view, we will focus on four key goalkeeping roles:


1. Shot Stopping  

Catching, deflecting, parrying


Saving on the move

Saving in 1 v 1 situations

Saving penalties


2. Reading of the game

Dealing with through-balls

Dealing with crosses  


3. Distribution

Throwing and kicking techniques

Building from the back and counter-attacking

Dealing with back-passes


4.Organization of the defense

Communication during play

Communication on set-pieces

We have also added recommended goalkeeper training videos to our Celtic YouTube channel that we'd encourage all our keepers to check out! We've included some of these videos below.