Goalkeeper Coaching

Spring 2021 Schedule

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Sunday program (listed above) will take place on Magnuson #5. Limited spots available - please email us prior to registering to confirm if a spot is available.

Starting the week of March 29, we will also be holding sessions on Monday and Thursday from 6:45 - 7:30pm for goalkeepers unable to participate in the Sunday sessions. Please email us regarding your interest (and days that work) and we will follow up with more info. Age groups for these days will be determined by player interest.

Trainings will be led by Cam Welty and Levi Erdman.

In previous years, the feedback from our goalkeeper coaches was that attendance wasn't great which impacted on their ability to deliver their curriculum effectively. While we feel that it is very important to offer this program at no cost to club goalkeepers, we are equally determined to ensure that the keepers and club get as much out of these sessions as possible. For this to happen, it is imperative that there is consistency with regarding attendance so the goalkeeping coaches can plan accordingly.

Therefore, we are continuing our new approach (piloted in Spring 2020) for registering for the program this Spring. The Sunday program will be composed of 6 sessions and players must register via the PayPal link below (cost: $90). All players who attend at least 5 of the 6 sessions will receive a full refund at the conclusion of the program. If a player misses a session due to a Celtic game clash, it wouldn't be considered a 'missed session' and they would still be eligible for the refund. Similarly, any player who attends 3 of the 4 Monday/Thursday sessions would also be refunded.


Cam Welty


Levi Erdman

The goalkeeper program will focus on the four key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical) and how they relate to the goalkeeper position. 


From a psychological standpoint, developing good self-confidence and an ability to handle pressure will be some of the areas focussed on. The Physical component of the training will look at the importance the warm-up and cool-down, as well as improving flexibility and co-ordination. 


From a technical and tactical point of view, we will focus on four key goalkeeping roles:


1. Shot Stopping  

Catching, Deflecting, Parrying


Saving on the move

Saving in 1 v 1 situations

Saving penalties


2. Reading of the game

Dealing with through-balls

Dealing with Crosses  


3. Distribution

Throwing and kicking techniques

Building from the back and counter-attacking

Dealing with back-passes


4.Organization of the Defense

Communication during play

Communication on set-pieces

We have also added recommended goalkeeper training videos to our Celtic YouTube channel that we'd encourage all our keepers to check out! We've included some of these videos below.