Goalkeeper Coaching

Fall 2020 Schedule

We're delighted to resume our goalkeeping training program, led this Fall by Celtic coach and SPU Goalkeeper Cam Welty.

In previous years, the feedback from our goalkeeper coaches was that attendance wasn't great which impacted on their ability to deliver their curriculum effectively. While we feel that it is very important to offer this program at no cost to club goalkeepers, we are equally determined to ensure that the keepers and club get as much out of these sessions as possible. For this to happen, it is imperative that there is consistency with regarding attendance so the goalkeeping coaches can plan accordingly.

Therefore, we are continuing our new approach (piloted in Spring 2020) for registering for the program this Fall. Each program will be composed of 5 sessions and players must register via the Paypal link below (cost: $75). All players who attend at least 4 of the 5 sessions will receive a full refund at the conclusion of the program. 

We have listed the age groups for each slot above - let us know if your child is interested in participating in the goalkeeper program but is unable to make their age group's slot and we will see if we can fit them in somewhere else. Depending on interest we may modify the schedule.

Register via Paypal

Cam Welty

Levi Erdman

Cillian Fitzpatrick

We have also added recommended goalkeeper training videos to our Celtic YouTube channel that we'd encourage all our keepers to check out! We've included some of these videos below.

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