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Practices/Game Locations & League Info

Where do practices normally take place?


The vast majority of practices take place at Magnuson Park in NE Seattle. A map of the park with corresponding field numbers can be found here. In February, we sometimes have sessions at Washington Park, Lower Woodland, Miller Playfield and Ingraham High School.


Between what dates do the fall and spring seasons typically take place?


Fall season runs from around the last week in August to the last week in November. Spring season runs from early February to late April/early May.


What league do Seattle Celtic teams play in?


Seattle Celtic teams play in the PSPL (Puget Sound Premier League), which is a member of US Club Soccer. Our top teams also have the opportunity to play their way into the NWCL (Northwest Champions League) which would be in addition to the PSPL. The NWCL is comprised of the top teams in the PSPL, the RCL (Washington's other state league and the OPL (Oregon Premier League). 


In off-season (Summer/Winter) we also participate in a wide variety of summer tournaments based on the level of play of each team. Some of these tournaments include the Nike Crossfire Challenge, the Crossfire Select Cup, the Rainier Challenge, the Skagit Super Cup, the RedApt Cup, the X-treme Cup, the Labor Day Cup and the PAC NW Winter Classic.


More info on the PSPL can be found on their homepage and more info on US Club Soccer can be found here.


Where do games typically take place?


U8-U10 -- Games are primarily at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila. Woodinville Sports Fields are also used during spring season.


U11+ -- Home games will be in Seattle (typically NE/Capitol Hill areas). Away games are at the opposition’s home field so can include other Seattle teams, Issaquah, Everett, Snoqualmie, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Redmond, Kent, Renton, Tacoma. Green (A) Teams at U11 and upwards who play in the WSPL (top PSPL division) can be expected to travel to Eastern Washington occasionally (usually once per season) for games.


What days of the weekend do games take place on?


U8-U10 – Games will ordinarily be on a particular day of the weekend throughout the season, for example, U9 boys by and large on Saturdays and U10 girls mostly on Sundays. The league does it’s best to keep some sort of continuity at the younger age groups regarding game-days. 


U11+ -- These games can be on either day of the weekend. 


How many games per season?


In the Fall season there are 10 games and spring season there are 8 games.


How are games scheduled?


U8-U10 -- The PSPL schedule these games, including times, fields and referees, and it is typically released a few weeks prior to the season.


U11+ -- The PSPL just set the fixture dates for these age groups and then the home team is responsible for securing field time and a referee. The rough schedule is released a few weeks prior to the season and then club officials work throughout the season to fill in field times and referees.

​Season Commitment & Tryout Info

Can players play either fall or spring season or do they have to commit to both?


2014 - 2016 players can opt out of playing either fall or spring season and are not forced to commit to both. The club will set a cut-off date for players to either commit or opt out of the next season.

Our program for 2004 - 2013 players incorporates both Fall and Spring season (with Green/White players playing year-round).


When are tryouts?


Tryouts for all age groups take place in late April/ early May. Schedule is posted here.

We have a second tryout in December for 2014 - 2016 players which allows us to add new players to the club, as well as update team placement to ensure players are in the best spot for their continued development.


How are players notified after tryouts?


Once teams are formed, parents will be notified by email of the roster and further details.


What are the options if my child doesn’t make a team?


Celtic does have a development program for those kids who missed tryouts or are not quite ready for PSPL league play. This consists of once a week practices with in-house games against other Celtic teams and is a good segue-way into the full program as many of the development program kids will graduate to a PSPL league team.


What if I miss a tryout day?


Please email Oisín at and he will arrange an alternative tryout date if you cannot make the scheduled one. Please note that the only suitable date may be after the actual tryout for that age-group and teams may be formed in the meantime so our advice would be to do your best to make the scheduled tryout date for your age-group.


Are there scholarships available?


We do have limited scholarships available for players who have the ability to play on our higher level teams but do not have the means. Please apply by emailing Oisín at .


Why does Celtic have two tryouts during the year?


The vast majority of clubs in Washington State have one tryout each year, following the completion of the Spring season. We have two tryouts, one in this period and one in January prior to the Spring season. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, because players have the choice whether to play Fall and Spring, there are often open spots that need to be filled by players new to the club. Secondly, motivated players who perhaps didn't make the team they were hoping for have a chance to move up to a higher team prior to the start of Spring. It is crucial that players are constantly striving to improve and this additional tryout helps gives them an opportunity to be rewarded for their work ethic over the preceding months. Of course, having two tryouts means that players who move down a level will be disappointed but we hope that this will spur them on to increase time spent on the ball outside of regular practice. We also have heard from people who were disappointed to have so much change to the personnel of their team from Fall to Spring. Aside from the aforementioned reasons of wanting to reward players who have shown improvement in the previous season, given the fact that some players on teams above may elect not to play Spring, there is no other way of replacing them than moving the top performing players from the team one level below up to the next team.





Where can I purchase uniforms?


Information on uniforms can be located on our website here.


Do I have to get new uniforms each season?


No, you do not need to purchase new uniforms for each season. We typically have the same uniforms for three years. Our next uniform change is planned for May 2021, ahead of the 2021/22 season.


What do the kids wear to practice/gameday?


Kids wear the training kit on the first practice day of the week, the orange away kit on the second practice day and the green and white striped home kit on game-days unless notified otherwise. Ideally kids would bring both the away kit and home kit to each game just in case there is a jersey clash.





Are Celtic camps/clinics open to non-Celtic players?


Yes, they are absolutely open to any players between the age of 6 and 14. 


Where can I find my Celtic account payment history?


Current players who have registered via the parent portal can log in here to view their account activity.


Do I need to re-send my US Club Soccer registration form each season?


The US Club Soccer registration forms are valid for 5 years so no need to re-submit them each season.


How are serious misconduct issues handled?


Misconduct reports are filed by referees or club personnel for issues arising during a game and these are dealt with by the PSPL’s Disciplinary Committee. Issues arising during practice time are dealt with by the club internally.


How are coaches screened and what other requirements are asked of them?


All coaches must complete a background screening through US Club Soccer and this needs to be done every two years. This includes a direct county/state of residence criminal record search. Staff are also required to complete a ‘Sideline Sports Doc’ dealing with common injuries in soccer, a CPR certification and a First Aid course.


What kind of insurance do the players have?


Players receive accident and general liability coverage for their soccer activities from the Insurance Office of America, Inc. (IOA). More details can be found at this link.


Will we receive a written evaluation for our player?


Yes, you will receive a written evaluation from your coach at the end of the Fall and Spring season.


What is Celtic's Tax I.D. number?




How can we get a bench or tent for our team?


For the majority (if not all) of clubs in Washington State, tents and benches are purchased and owned by individual teams, using a team fund collected by a parent manager at the start of the season. This is typically for U11 and older teams. We will send information to everyone in this regard following tryouts in May. For the development ages Celtic has a few tents and benches that we share.

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