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Pre-Dev Teams (U7-U8 -- Players born in 2013 and 2014)

Fall program runs from August 24 - November 1. Spring program runs from Feb 8 - April 18.

Visit our Pre-Dev page for further info.

Development Teams (U8-U10 -- Players born from 2011-2013)

Regular Fall practices run from August 24 until November 15. Spring practices run from Feb 1 until April 25.

For more info on our U8-U10 teams click here.


U11-U14 Teams (Born 2007-2010)

Regular Fall practices for our U11-U14 teams run from August 24 until November 22. Spring practices run from Feb 1 until April 25.


U15-U19 Teams (Born in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

Click here for more info on our U15-U19 age groups.

  • Most teams practice twice a week, with U11 and older Green (A) teams practicing three times a week. Development teams (U8-U10) practices last either 60 mins or 75 mins depending on the team. U11-U17 teams practices last 90 mins. 

  • Players should aim to arrive 10 mins before the start of practice to work on juggling. 

  • Please remember to RSVP via Team Snap for every event so the coach can plan his session and game plan accordingly.

  • Wear Fade Shirt/Green Shorts/Green Socks for first day of training each week and Orange Shirt/Black Shorts/Orange Socks for second day.

Registration Info

Registration details will be provided through our online portal. This is the portal that all players will have used to register for tryouts. Following tryouts, team invites will be done via the portal. All players will be notified of their status within three days of the final tryout. 

Program Fees

U8-U9 (2012-13)

Fall $650

Spring $650


U10 (2011)

Fall $675

Spring $675

U11-U14 (2007-10)

Fall $800

Spring $650

On accepting a place, players will make an initial deposit to secure spot, with the the remaining payments due in automated installments.


Those who wish to pay for the full year in full may do so via check for a reduced amount to take account of the absence of credit card fees and online portal costs. 


The cost per age group for this option will be as follows: 

U8-U9: $1225;  U10: $1275;  U11-U14: $1375; U11-14 Green $1650; U15-U18 $1375;  U15-U18 Green $1675;


Click here for payment plan information.

U11-U14 Green (A)

Fall, Spring


U15-U18 (2003-2006)


U15-U18 Green (A)


Uniform Info 

Uniforms will be ordered by players individually via our online Protime Sports and Jako Ireland portals. Our 2020/21 Protime portal is live here. Jako portal will be live here in May.


Comprehensive ordering information will be provided following team formation but for now here is a summary of the plan/costs:


Home/Away/Practice Kits (3 jerseys, 3 shorts, 3 socks)      $137   (Protime)

Bag  $25   (Protime)

Tracksuit  $63 (kids) $68 (adult sizes) (Jako - including shipping from Ireland )


Players will also have the option of purchasing club hats, hoodies, t-shirts, balls, and rain gear on either portal. 

Calendar and Optional Extras

At tryouts, players are trying out for the Fall season which kicks off in late August and runs until mid/late November. The above cost breakdown (ie. $675 for the U10 Fall season) covers this season.


At Seattle Celtic, we give players the option to participate on a season-by-season basis, as opposed to having to commit to the full year. One of the main reasons for this is to remove the barrier of entry to those unable to make the financial commitment for the full year. However, we do have a number of players who wish to play year round and so we give them the option of participating in post-season sessions, mid-summer sessions, summer tournaments as well as open and team camps. 


Post Season Sessions (Due to Covid-19 this program will likely either not take place or be shortened)

May 25 - June 26                  

Ten 90 minute sessions    $135


You can register for post-season sessions here. This is for players born between 2007 and 2013. 


For post-season sessions, any teams with at least 8 players from their team signing up will practice as team with their head coach. In instances where not enough players from a team sign-up, players will be grouped based on age group and ability.


There is also 12 session team summer training program for Green and White teams from June 15 until August 23 with sessions scheduled to lead up to tournaments. This program will likely be shortened due to Covid-19 and prorated accordingly.


Other teams not listed may request to take part in this program provided the majority of their team is interested. In some instances players on the cusp of one of the teams listed above will have the option of joining a team for the summer sessions. Irrespective of whether your team elects to take part in the summer training program, every team will have 1-2 sessions prior to each tournament to ensure they are well prepared tactically. More information will be sent out regarding this in early May following team formation.


Each team will also do a team camp in the summer. Team camps typically take place in July and run from Monday-Thursday for three hours each day. Team camps allow a team to get together with their coach (often prior to a summer tournament) and set the foundation for the season ahead. We are hopeful that team camps will take place as scheduled.


Visit our team camps page to register online now.     


Visit our camps page to register for our open camps



Check out our tournament page which has all the relevant information.


​Winter Options

We also have optional off-season SAQ and skills practices during December and January. Registration for this will open in October.

2020/21 Program Overview

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