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This page intends to provide Celtic players and families with a better understanding of the college recruiting process.

We have recently appointed Jack Cousin as our new college recruitment director and he has put together comprehensive information on recruitment rules, the latest recruiting timeline for the 2022/23 season, as well as info on college id camps. We've included Jack's contact details and bio below and he is available to chat with all players in the club about how to navigate the recruitment process. He will also be actively managing this page and updating it with articles and links that he feels will be useful to our players and families.

We have also included a video of our college information virtual presentation presented by our Director of Coaching Conor Walshe and featuring an overview of Scouting Zone (the online recruiting tool players use to connect with college coaches) by founder Brooke Kentara which we encourage all our players to watch.

Jack Cousin  - College Recruitment Director


Jack Cousin


Phone: (252) 773-3327

We are delighted to welcome Jack Cousin as our new college recruitment director. Jack spent six years at the collegiate level, with four as a player at University of the Cumberlands (NAIA), and two as an assistant coach with Upper Iowa University’s women’s program (NCAA DII) while completing his MBA. During his time as a coach, Jack has worked with players from all levels of the collegiate system including NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and NJCAA. Whatever path a player may take it’s important to realize that they require the same amount of commitment and dedication to both soccer as well as academics. Here at Seattle Celtic, we believe that our coaching staff have the resources and experience to help guide our players into making the right choice. 


“Through my experience at the collegiate level I’ve become aware of the endless number of opportunities that college sports can provide student athletes. Having been at both ends of the recruitment process I can’t wait to help our players here at Seattle Celtic find the perfect fit for them to excel in the classroom and on the field. With so many talented players within the club, I look forward to sharing my experiences and giving them the platform to make the next steps in their athletic and academic career.”




Celtic College Info Virtual Presentation

(includes Scouting Zone presentation by founder Brooke Kentara)

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