Celtic in the Community

Seattle Celtic is special because of the wonderful community of players, parents and coaches. We state that we strive to provide a perfect mix of energy, passion and expertise in our approach to coaching and we are so fortunate to have such great coaches and more importantly great people representing our club. Our staff’s passion for the club and the game of soccer is unparalleled. It is never more evident than during summer tournament and game weekends, where there are often several coaches in attendance to support each other’s teams.


Why We Value Community

As coaches we strive to provide the best and most enjoyable learning environment possible. The friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community at Seattle Celtic among coaches, parents and players increases the desire for players to come to practices and continue their development. We want every player, regardless of their age, level of team or length of time spent at Celtic to feel valued as an important member of our organization. As we continue to grow, it is vital we don’t lose this important element which has aided our success. 80% of our families come from within 2 miles of Magnuson park, so it is important that we strive to continue being a positive impact in the local community. 


Current Projects/Partnerships

Giving back to our community and providing opportunities for our young players to learn and value the importance that community can have on their development is something we aim to continue working hard at implementing. Here are examples of partnerships with local and international organizations over the years:

Eli’s Park Project

Led by a Celtic family, the Eli’s Park Project is a community effort to renovate the Burke-Gilman Playground Park to create an accessible, inclusive, nature-based park where people of all ages, background and abilities can find play and peace.  


Inspired by the of Elijah Del Reischl, who taught us all about love and inclusion in his not-quite-four years, the project is focused on bringing our diverse community together through an inclusive design process. The new park will be free of physical and emotional barriers and full of opportunities for exploration, movement, respite and gathering.


Follow along to join the journey and donate to help the Eli’s Park Project reach their $4 million goal. They are over halfway there and any amount helps! Sign up for our newsletter to never miss an update and follow us on Facebook to join our community.

Earth Corps:

Seattle Celtic coaches and players came together to work with Earth Corps staff members at Magnuson Park to plant trees. This was an opportunity for players and coaches to contribute positively to the park that we call home! We are looking forward to continued collaboration with Earth Corps.

International Rescue Committee 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is an organization that works with vulnerable refugee populations worldwide. In Seattle, they help recently resettled families to find housing, career opportunities, and help to support children as they transition into life in Seattle. Seattle Celtic coaches helped out at the IRC summer soccer camp, directing and coaching large group games as well as smaller group exercises. The IRC soccer  camp offers recently resettled children the opportunity to access familiar experiences and socialize positively with other children.

Northwest Association For Blind Athletes 

The Northwest Association For Blind Athletes (NWABA) provides opportunities for blind or sight-impaired athletes to play a wide array of different sports. Seattle Celtic coaches and many members of the G05 green team were able to host a soccer event at Magnuson Park for sight-impaired local athletes. Celtic staff and players had the opportunity to work directly with young athletes, both through leading soccer exercises and playing in a big game at the end of the event.

Green Seattle Partnership 

Seattle Celtic coaches and players volunteered with the Green Seattle Partnership removing weeds at the Meadowbrook Playfield in North Seattle. The event organizer said the following about the Seattle Celtic group: “"There was a total of 19 volunteers. Your group were very good workers, well prepared and did a great job of following directions. They were good natured, pleasant to work with and were very productive. The weather was quite wet and everyone kept focused even when wet! Your group was so productive, I had to end the event 45 minutes early because I ran out of weed racks for the invasive plant material that they were able to produce.”

Mercy Housing Magnuson

We first connected with Mercy Housing in 2020 for a "Food and Essentials Drive"for their food pantry at Magnuson and are delighted to be partnering with them again this year. We have found our Celtic community to be incredibly generous and with the holidays coming up and our neighbors needing more support this year, we think this is an especially timely way to make a difference in the community. The Mercy Housing Magnuson Food Pantry is open to all community members, not just families who live at Mercy Housing, and serves residents of Mercy and Santos and Solid Ground Housing as well as nearby community members. There are a couple of ways we can show our support through donations of either food or non-food/essential items. We’ll touch base in November with more details

Ryther Marathon of Hope

Kevin and his cousin Oisín's aunt Grace O'Loan serves as the chair of Ryther, whose mission is to help children, young adults, and their families find their path to healing and hope. Ryther serves over 2,000 young people in Washington State who struggle with mental illness, trauma, substance-use, and autism through individual, family, and community services. On Saturday, October 16th, 2021 the first-ever Ryther Marathon to Hope will will be hosted at Green Lake. People can choose to run or walk a full or 1/2 marathon, 10k, or 5k. All proceeds will go to supporting Ryther’s wide range of therapeutic mental health services for children and their families. Visit the Ryther website to find out how you can get involved!

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