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Camp Information

2022 Winter/Spring Camps​

Aside from being a great chance to hone a player's technical skills, our Winter and Spring camps are also an ideal opportunity to impress ahead of tryouts! 


Players also have the option of signing up for individual days for these camps if this suits better.


The focus on each day will be as follows:


Monday: 1 v 1s / 2 v 2s / 3 v 3s (focus on attacking)

Tuesday: 1 v 1s / 2 v 2s (focus on defending)

Wednesday: Passing and Receiving / Possession

Thursday: Shooting/Finishing

Friday:  Juggling / Soccer Freestyle / Improving control of the ball


Camps will run from 9:00 - 12:00, take place at Magnuson and are open to all players (Celtic and non-Celtic) aged between 6-15. 


Players can register on our camps page here.


Technical Skills Camps  

The format for a typical day on camp will be as follows:

9:00am 10 minute warm-up

9:10am Technical Activity #1

9:50am Technical Activity #2

10:30am Technical Activity #3 

11:15-12:00pm Small Sided Games (World Cup)


Technical Activities will vary each day based on the ability of the group and will comprise of some of the following: footwork and ball control, dribbling, passing (short/long, aerial/ground), shooting/finishing (laces, inside/outside of the foot, chipping/lobbing, heading), crossing, defending, tackling (slide/block), juggling, freestyle tricks.


​Team Camps

The majority of our teams do a summer team camp ( 4 days - 3 hours each day) to give the team a chance to gel ahead of the Fall season. 


The team camp schedule will be posted on Team Snap by Monday February 19. Please RSVP if you can't attend a specific week. If it turns out too many players are missing we will look to reschedule for another week. People can register from next week and if the camp ends up moving to a week that your child cannot attend, we will refund the cost. Similarly, if you register for one week and your child ends up moving to a different team within the club, who have their camp on a week that your player is unavailable for, the camp fee will be refunded.


We have tried to keep teams of similar ability/age on the same weeks to give them an opportunity to scrimmage each other during the camps which will prove immensely beneficial in preparing the team tactically for the season ahead. Therefore, hopefully the scheduled week works out.


Sometimes, if a player can't attend their week, they might have an opportunity to join another team for their camp if that team is short a few players. Please touch base with Oisín if this applies to you.

Goalscoring Camps


Nothing quite beats that feeling of putting the ball in the back of the net! Our goalscoring camps are therefore aimed at players who want to score more goals! 


This camp is structured so that the first half of each day is focussed on a variety of different shooting techniques, situations and game-like scenarios. The camp then merges with the Goalkeeper camp, to give strikers and goalkeepers a chance to compete against each other, before finishing with a World Cup each day. World Cup games will be played on smaller fields with big goals to encourage more shooting and hopefully more goals!


Daily activities will be comprised of the following elements of shooting and finishing:


  • Improving Technique and Proper Shooting Mechanics

  • Developing power when shooting

  • Volleys (Half Volleys, Side Volleys, Volleying on the turn)

  • Finishing from crosses

  • 1v1s and finishing under pressure

  • Chipping, Lobbing 

  • Power vs placement and decision-making

  • Dead ball situations (Free-Kicks and Penalties)

  • Finishing with your toe in the box

  • Bending the ball

  • 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 and combination play in the final third

  • Developing a positive mindset in front of goal


Goalkeeper Camp


The goalkeeper camps will focus on the four key components of the game (Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical) and how they relate to the goalkeeper position. 


From a psychological standpoint, developing good self-confidence and an ability to handle pressure will be some of the areas focussed on. The Physical component of the training will look at the importance the warm-up and cool-down, as well as improving flexibility and co-ordination. 


From a technical and tactical point of view, we will focus on four key goalkeeping roles:


1. Shot Stopping  

Catching, Deflecting, Parrying


Saving on the move

Saving in 1 v 1 situations

Saving penalties


2. Reading of the game

Dealing with through-balls

Dealing with Crosses  


3. Distribution

Throwing and kicking techniques

Building from the back and counter-attacking

Dealing with back-passes


4.Organization of the Defense

Communication during play

Communication on set-pieces


Elite Player Camp


Our Elite Player Camps are targeted towards highest-level players (U10 - U17 Green/White) looking to team up with like-minded players committed to enhancing their play and performance on the pitch. This camp offers a more intense environment than our other camps and is designed to challenge participants with an advanced level of technical and tactical coaching. 


The camp will also include video analysis (summer only!), position-specific coaching and a focus on match fitness to ensure that the players are striving to improve their physical attributes to prepare for upcoming games, tournaments and the league season.


We also typically have a regular technical skills camp running the same week as the Elite Camps so high performing players who impress on the first day of this camp may be invited to join the Elite group for the rest of the week. 


Celtic Óg Camp


Our Celtic Óg Micro Academy camps are aimed at 4-6 year olds and run for 90 minutes. For more information on our Micro Academy program click here.

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