Seattle Celtic Soccer Club 2018 ® 

Home Kit (Green/White Hooped Jersey, White Shorts, Green Socks)  $20
Away Kit (doubles as training kit #2 Orange Jersey, Black Shorts, Orange Socks)  $20

Back Pack (with number/Celtic logo) $25
Tracksuit (Jako)  $63 (Kids)  $69 (Adult)   ---- please order separately (see link below)


Celtic Hoody $30  
-Green (White Logo)
-White (Green Logo)
-Orange (Black Logo)

Training t-shirt $10
-Green (White Logo)
-White (Green Logo
-Orange (Black Logo)

Beanie : $12
Celtic Soccer Ball: $15

​Individual Items can also be purchased for the following prices:

Hooped Jersey $11

Solid Orange Jersey $11

Shorts: $10

Socks: $5

Jako tracksuit can be purchased individually online at the Seattle Celtic Jako Team Store

Remember to use the promo code JAKO20 at the checkout to get 20% off the total order (see checkout photo right). 
We recommend the Polyester Tracksuit (pictured in checkout page to the right). Latest kids size costs $63 and adult size costs $68 (including s/h - based on conversion rate 1/26/18).
With the exception of our tracksuit which should be ordered from Jako, all other club gear is available at our Seattle Celtic Protime uniform portal.  See below for a list of required and optional gear and further uniform information.
With the exception of the tracksuit (which can be ordered via Jako Ireland at the above link) all other gear can be ordered from Protime Sports (based out of Tukwila).

In early February, Seattle Celtic will collect a box of each team's gear from Protime in Tukwila (for all gear ordered prior to Jan 31) and the coach will distribute at the first week of practices. Anyone ordering after this window will have to either collect it from the Protime warehouse themselves, or pay Protime for delivery.

In terms of a size guide for Protime Sports gear, it is also helpful to note that Protime supplies all the Rec clubs in Seattle, so if your child has previously played at this level (or you know someone who has), that is a good indicator of what size to order. The shorts run a bit on the small side so sometimes players elect to go one size up. Socks come in three sizes: Small (Shoe Size 12-4), Medium (4.5-8.5) and Large (9-12).

For tracksuits, we have included a size chart here. 

Additional Uniform Information
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