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Seattle Celtic
Seattle Celtic teams compete in the Puget Sound Premier League, currently the fastest growing soccer league in the Northwest. One of the appeals of the PSPL is that the common barriers of entry prevalent in typical statewide premier soccer leagues do not exist.

As PSPL President Stanley Holmes states, "the PSPL is growing because we give all players the opportunity to try to play at the highest level they can reach without imposing unrealistic financial strain on families, teams and clubs. We are growing because we are open, we are fair, we are cost effective, we are diverse and we care about the players and the clubs. For the PSPL, it's all about the soccer and what's best for the game." 

In our opinion this structure will continue to enable the league to thrive and we are personally very happy to be part of such an all-inclusive organization.

2014/15 Season 


In the Fall season our boys and girls development teams at the U8, U9 and U10 age groups will continue to compete in the PSPL Development League located at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tuwkila. 

Games will be played on turf fields built specifically for this age-group with modified goals and field dimensions. 

For more information on our development program click here.


Seattle Celtic U11-U14 teams will compete in the 2014 Puget Sound Premier League. For program info click here



We will be forming indoor teams for players who we either aren't able to find a team for or who we don't feel are ready for PSPL league play. These teams will practice once a week (Friday evenings)  and have a indoor game at Arena Sports Magnuson at the weekend. For program info click here.


U8-U12 Teams (and also G01 White & G00 Green)                         U13-U15 Teams
G02 Green with Coach Danny Brill
B05 Green PSPL U8 Fall Champions with Coach Danny Brill
B03 Green with Coach Kevin Walshe
B02 Black with Coach Jon Pearman
B03 White with Coach Oisin Martin
B02 White with Coach Ryan Kennedy
G02 White with Coach Jon Pearman
B02 Green with Coach Danny Brill
B01 White with Coach Oisin Martin
G03 Green with Coach Kevin Walshe
G03 Orange with Coach Chris Kaimmer
B04 Green with Coach Conor Walshe

Development Program Info (U8-U10)
U11-U14 Program Info