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Roles of our Full-Time Staff Coaches
Kevin Walshe's role is essentially that of a general manager, overseeing all aspects of the club. During the regular season, Kevin will typically work from Celtic's Eastlake office from 10am-3pm on weekdays, before moving to the field from 4-8pm where he mixes between observing sessions and offering feedback to players and coaches, to occasionally getting involved in the scrimmage at the end of practice when needed! Kevin spends the weekend attending as many games as possible, with Starfire being his most frequented spot. He does his best to know every player in the club and while it has become a bit more difficult in recent years, he still feels confident he has this aspect down!
Having previously held the title of Director of Communications, Oisín Martin's new title of Director of Operations is probably more accurate based on the vast amount of duties he has taken on in recent seasons. Ois (pronounced Ush) handles the majority of the day-to-day administrative duties of the club. He is the point person for all email inquiries from the Celtic families, our coaching staff, the PSPL and other clubs. He is also in charge of scheduling weekend games, booking fields and referees and working with Kevin in setting the practice schedule for the season. Oisín was recently accepted on the elite UEFA 'B' license course in Northern Ireland and he will be doing the first two weeks of this course in early February 2017. 
Our Assistant Director of Coaching Conor Walshe is responsible for creating our club coaching curriculum, interviewing prospective new coaches and their subsequent training and conducting performance reviews of coaches over the course of the season. Conor coaches the B03 Green, B06 Green and B08 Green teams. Conor was also recently accepted on the UEFA 'B' license, beginning in early February 2017.

Ryan Kennedy is our Director of Club Development. His role covers a variety of tasks, from marketing and branding, to assisting Oisín on admin duties. In 2017, Ryan's role will grow to include outreach throughout the Celtic community, regularly touching base with families to get feedback on how they are enjoying the program and discussing areas where we as a club can improve. He is also Celtic's Futsal Director. Ryan holds the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma and coaches the B01 Green, G05 Green, G06 Green and B07 White teams.
Phil Duncan is the Director of Celtic Óg, our Micro Academy for 3-6 year olds. He is in charge of creating our Junior Curriculum which will be used by our youngest teams in the Spring 2017 season and is also involved in producing content for our Vimeo and YouTube channels. Phil is a qualified P.E. teacher and holds the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma. He coaches the B02 Green, G02 Green, B05 White and G07 Green teams.
Drew Williams is our U12-U16 Director and he oversees the progress of these teams and offers feedback to the coaches. He worked alongside Conor to produce the 2016 Fall Coaching Curriculum and will be working with Ed Walugembe to produce the Spring 2017 coaching curriculum that will be used by the majority of our U11-U15 teams. Drew coaches our B04 Green, B05 Green, G07 White and B08 Orange teams.
Ed Walugembe is our specialist individual technical and SAQ trainer. Ed works alongside Phil on our Micro Academy and will also be leading our schools program that is kicking off in 2017. He is currently working alongside both Phil and Drew on the Spring coaching curriculums. Ed coaches the B02 White, B04 Orange, G06 White and G07 Green teams.