Seattle Celtic Soccer Club 2018 ®
Premier Soccer Club and Camps

1. Matches shall be played in conformity with the rules of WYS, USYSA, US Club and FIFA, unless otherwise stated herein. The Tournament Committee shall be the final authority in all tournament matters. The Tournament Committee shall consist of at least three members of tournament management.

2. For the small-sided ages U9-U10, the following rules apply:
  • No Heading - if a player deliberately heads the balls the opposing team will be given an 
indirect free-kick at the spot of the infraction. 

  • No punting or drop-kicking by the goalkeeper. 

  • Build out line will be in effect 

  • For goal kicks, the opposition can enter the build out area as soon as the ball leaves the 
penalty box 

  • When the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball, the opposition must retreat to the build out 
line. At any time, the goalkeeper may pass, roll or throw the ball into play, but the goalkeeper does so accepting the positioning of the opponents at that time (i.e. the opposition may not be behind the build out line yet) 

  • Offside is enforced at the build out line 

3. All teams should have the official tournament roster forms (including player names, birthdates and jersey number) signed and approved by their association or league registrar.

4. All teams must provide their player identification cards and official team rosters prior to their first game. This may be done at the pre-tournament check-in or at the tournament headquarters (Magnuson Park) no less than ONE HOUR prior to their first match. If a team fails to check in prior to their first game and plays, they will forfeit that game. If a team fails to check in prior to its second game and plays, they will forfeit the remaining tournament games. Proof of medical authorization, birth certificates and/or player cards may be checked at this time.

5.Maximum roster sizes for each team are as follows:
  • U-9 & U-10 (7v7) ‐ 14
  • U-11 & U-12 (9v9) ‐ 16
  • U-13 & U-14 (11v11) - 18

6. Teams may have guest players with proper identification. Any teams with players exceeding age group restrictions will forfeit each game that player participates in. No player may participate on more than one team playing in the tournament. The maximum number of guest players is five per team. 

7. All teams will play a minimum of three matches. 

8. When possible, divisions shall be separated into equally-sized groups with teams playing matches against every other team in their group. Groups shall be seeded and, when possible, drawn to avoid placement of teams from the same area in the same group. 

9. All forfeits are recorded as 3 ‐ 0, with maximum points being awarded to the team receiving the forfeit victory. 

10. A point system shall be employed to determine the order of finish in group play, as follows:
Six points for a win. 
One point per goal up to three goals. 
One point for a shutout
. Three points for a draw. 

The team with the most points in group play will be the winner of the group; the rest of the teams shall finish in the order of most points 
*If there are an uneven number of teams in one bracket and a team must 
play four games, their score will be divided by .75. 

If teams are equal in points, then tie-breakers, in order of importance, shall be:
- Goals against - 
Fewest losses - 
Most shutouts - 
Goals for (maximum of 3 a game) - Coin Toss or Penalty Kicks 

11. The duration of matches shall be as follows:
  •   U9-U12 : 50 Minutes
  •   U13-U14: 60 Minutes

In the semi-finals and finals, matches that end in a draw shall be decided by penalty kicks. No Overtimes. 

12. Every team must have two sets of uniforms: dark and light jerseys. When the color of the team shirts conflict, the team listed as "Home" must change to an alternate color. 

13. Substitutions are unlimited and are allowed during any dead ball at the referee's discretion. 

14. If a player receives a red card that player and his or her coach have 30 minutes to report to the Tournament Judicial Committee after the final whistle. If the offense is of a serious nature, the Judicial Committee reserves the right to impose a suspension. If a player is sent off a second time, the Judicial Committee has the right to suspend the player for the remainder of the tournament. If any player receives three yellow cards during the tournament, he or she will sit out a minimum one game suspension. Following the match, that player and his or her coach must report to the Judicial Committee within 30 minutes to receive possible further punishment.

15. All games are FINAL. No protests are accepted and the decision on the field is final. 

16. Coaches are held strictly accountable for the conduct of their teams, parents and supporters. Abusive behavior toward the referee, opponents or tournament staff will not be tolerated. Such misconduct and breaches of sportsmanship shall be turned over to the Tournament Judicial Committee for possible suspension.

17. Players for each age group must have been born in the calendar year listed below (or after, if playing up):
  • U- 9 2010

  • U-10 2009

  • U-11 2008

  • U-12 2007

  • U-13 2006

  • U-14 2005

18. Weather
In the event of bad weather after the tournament has started, the tournament committee will make every provision to complete the schedule where possible. The format may be adjusted or shortened at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. In the event that the tournament cannot be completed through inclement weather after it commenced no refunds will be issued.

19. Refunds 
Teams wishing to withdraw from the Tournament: Prior to June 15th must notify Seattle Celtic in writing; refunds will be issued less a $50.00 handling fee. After June 15th, there will be no refunds issued for teams withdrawing.

20. Game balls 
The size of the balls are as follows: 2007-2010: Size 4, 2005-2006: Size 5. Both teams must be prepared to supply a regulation game ball for each match (size 4 for 2005-2008; size 5 for all other age groups).

21. Field Rules
The first team listed on the schedule is designated as the "home" team and will have its choice of sidelines. 

A. No pets (e.g., dogs, etc.) are allowed on the fields. Only service dogs accepted.
B. No alcoholic beverages or weapons are allowed on the fields. No exceptions.

C. No smoking on the fields or near buildings. Please limit your smoking to the parking lot.

D. In the event of an emergency on the field, notify the nearest Field Marshal.
E. Each team is responsible for clearing its sideline of debris after each game.
F. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed, particularly those impeding emergency access to the fields